Preschool Science: Sorting Living & Non-Living

Science activities like these fit perfectly for preschooler science activities at home. Doing sorting activities like this at home will give you a chance to talk to the children to connect them with the subject and see where they are at with the ideas presented.

The point of this activity isn’t to make sure children can sort every object perfectly but also, it’s an opportunity to have a conversation about objects and animals and make observations.

First, gather your materials as you will need a bunch of objects, some living things like plants, animals, and human figurines; some inanimate objects like cars, buildings, etc. three containers for sorting, some sticky notes, and a marker.

Write living and non-living on the sticky notes and stick them on the containers. Dump all the objects in the remaining container together and let your child at it. Younger children can have trouble reading the notes so show them by demonstrating how it’s done.

Parents should observe, engage and let the child’s observations or conclusions about this activity lead the way. If the child were confused and wanted help, parents should ask if they could have a turn and let them observe you think through the sorting. 

Ask them various thought-provoking questions relating to living and non-living so it helps them figure things out on their own. Let them use their experiences to help solve this puzzle. This activity should be fun and challenging but not confusing or frustrating.