Health & Nutrition plays a vital role in Child’s growth

Health – An Important Aspect

A healthy body is the home of a happy self. Everything is pre-planned by the Almighty but one such thing which is in our own hands is to lead a healthy life. In today’s busy trap, we all are not paying enough attention towards our health and that’s the reason we are getting into the trap of so many diseases day by day. After this Covid-19 pandemic, we all have got familiar with a word, that is, immunity or immune system. Doctors and physicians are strongly emphasizing to build a strong immune system to resist ourselves from diseases and now it’s high time for us to really do so.

Children are the future of our nation. It’s very important to make them aware to be healthy and stay fit all times. Studies show that the immune system of toddlers are stronger than adults because many new cells are developing in them each day. But then also we see the kids falling sick. What’s the reason behind it? It’s because the kid has not paid proper attention to his health nor was made aware of what is good for his/her health. Kids are unaware of what is good or bad for them, but the parents are. So, it is the responsibility of parents that besides looking into the academic part, they should also teach their child the importance of being healthy.

Health is wealth. Without health, your body will be like the boat without an oar. So, start from today and devote some fixed time to your health each day.

What do we mean by a healthy kid?

Till now we have talked a lot about being healthy and to spread the awareness among the kids too. But, what does it actually mean when we say healthy? A healthy kid is not only physically fit but always mentally active. He/she has high concentration power which helps them to focus and do better in every aspect. We have often seen kids who are really intelligent and smartly answer our questions. But there are kids who are very dull and lazy to answer. The difference lies in being healthy. You might be thinking how can being healthy effect the intelligence of a child? But it is the fact. A healthy body fosters a strong intelligent brain because healthiness doesn’t come on its own. You give the desired nutrition to your body and as a result of which your nerves and cells function to their best keeping you physically and mentally active all the time. On the other hand, when a kid doesn’t adapt to the nutritious stuff, he/she doesn’t get the energy which would boost them to face any situation.

So, make your kid healthy because the world today is demanding personalities who can tackle any situation anytime. As your kid will be facing the world tomorrow, make him/her future ready from today itself. Because practices at an early stage becomes a habit and these habits are going to make your kid stand out of the crowd one day.

How to make your Child healthy?

A healthy outside begins from a healthy inside. Just like a machine needs fuel to run, in the similar way, our body needs food which contains all the desired nutrients for its proper functioning. In other words, when a child intake healthy food, he seems to be healthy outside. This is because his body has got the full nourishment required for the child’s growth. So, it is very important for your kid to have plateful of nutrition every day.

It’s a natural phenomena of kids to make excuses to eat the healthy food. But as a parent, you should find more ideas and tricks to make your child have a bowl of healthiness each day. Even when your kid wants to have the fast food or outside food which is very spicy and unhealthy too, try to make that same food at home by making it as healthy as possible so that the kid can have something of his/her taste and you will also feel contented that you served a healthy dish to your child.

What should the food chart for your kid?

What do we mean when we say a healthy balanced diet? Does it mean it should only contain those green vegetables? If so, then how to make the kids have them when they strongly hate those green leafy vegetables? These questions are a major concern for every parent. But let us tell you something. A balanced diet is not necessarily having only the boiled and tasteless leafy vegetables or cereals. It’s about having a plate containing all the nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, fibres, protein, vitamin and minerals, all in one plate and that may contain all the fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals and any other stuff which contain nutrition.

So, it’s a wrong notion to consider a healthy diet as a boring or tasteless thing. Due to this misconception, many adults are also seen following an unhealthy diet plan. So, we ask everyone of you to intake a healthy balanced diet because kids learn what they see around them. If they see their parents or near ones indulging themselves into unhealthy habits, they too will be doing the same. So, be on healthy grounds set an example for the next generation.

How does being healthy helps your child?

Let’s checkout what are benefits a kid enjoy by being healthy.

  1. Sharp memory – As I have already said, being healthy not only means physically fit but also mentally active. So, a healthy kid has a sharp memory which helps him/her to understand everything clearly and quickly grasp the changes occurring in daily life. He/she has good cognitive and reasoning skills which are very much required in today’s competitive world.

 A powerful mind enhances the creativity of the child and makes him/her to innovate something new each day.

  • Healthy heart – A healthy body fosters a healthy heart. A healthy heart pumps blood to the best so that we can lead a wonderful life. So, when the kids’ heart pumps wholeheartedly, then he/she can also do any task gracefully.
  • Good mood – Good food means good mood. When your kid intake good and healthy food, he/she gets the energy which refreshes their mood from time to time. This cheerful mood helps the kids to gain attention in a gathering. This merry-go-round attitude also helps the kid to handle any situation bravely in future.
  • Strong bones and teeth – When your kid eats a healthy balanced diet, he/she gets the enough calcium needed for bones and teeth which strengthens the bones and teeth which in turn makes your kid strong physically.
  • Strong immune system – A healthy kid has a strong immune system which helps them to resist themselves against many diseases. When a kid suffers less from diseases, the more he/she is able to give their best in every field.
  • Happy human – The happiness lies in being healthy inside. Think of the smile. Many muscles work together behind our sweet smile. When our cells, muscles and nerves are happy, they help us to be happy. A healthy body and sound mind make your kid a happy human.

The greatest investment you can ever make is towards your health. So, let’s invest some time each day to beautify not only ours but also our kid’s health. Just as we decorate our house to make it beautiful, let’s wrap ourselves with healthiness to make a beautiful life.