Indoor Alphabet Hunt

It is so easy to turn a simple game into an educational one with a few additions. This alphabet hunt will only take 5 minutes to plan and put together. Alphabetical order is not a huge concern at this age although using it as a tool to work on letter recognition can be useful.

We used it as one way to see if we had all the letters. For children not eager to look for 26 letters try the letters in their name.

Alphabet Hunt

Gather your materials. You will need some plastic interlocking blocks or flashcards if you don’t have toy blocks, a marker or two, and you’ll want a wet cloth to take the letters off when you are done using these blocks as letter blocks. And avoid using a permanent marker as it will be a chore to remove it later.

First, write letters on each of the blocks in sequence. If you don’t have enough blocks, you can still do this activity with a minimum of 8-10 blocks.

After writing all the letters, hide all the blocks around every part of your house which of course is accessible by your child.

You can hide it under the sofa, under the pillows or any other place which can be easily reached by someone as young as a preschooler.

When you are done hiding all the blocks, explain the rules to your child. The rules are that they need to find as many as blocks they can in a specific amount of which can be decided by you and after finding them it should be arranged in a sequence for example if the kid finds blocks of letters like A, C, D, B, E, F then he/she should arrange it in A, B, C, D, E, F order. If they struggle to arrange it in order, you can help by using the alphabet song as the guide.

Parents can give their children minor clues about the direction toward the hidden blocks by telling them how far or near it is to them. This game can also be played with a group of kids adding more to the fun aspect of it.

You can add rewards to the game for example if they find more than 6 blocks or have a group of 3 letters in order which can motivate them to find more blocks.

Have fun with Alphabets.