Literacy activities for Preschoolers

It can’t be denied that reading and writing are one of the most important skills to develop in young toddlers. Developing a habit of learning the language at an early age can be beneficial in a long term. Learning the basics of linguistics can help spark your child’s imagination and develop curiosity in their minds.

Taking part in activities with your kids lets you encourage their reading and writing skills while having fun together at the same time. These activities for pre-readers, beginning readers, and older readers include what you need and what to do for each one.

Using these activities, your main goal will be to generate great interest in your kids for reading and writing. If the reader finishes reading one book and asks for the next one, you know you are succeeding! If your reader writes even once a week and comes back for more, you know you have accomplished your beginning goals.

  1. Use of rhymes and repetitions

Pick a story that has repeated phrases or a poem you and your child like. Read slowly, and with a smile or a nod, let your child know you appreciate his or her participation. Repetition makes books predictable, and kids love to know what comes next. When children anticipate what’s coming next in a story or poem, they have a sense of mastery over books.

  • Storytelling

Talking and reading out loud about what you read is another way to help children develop language and thinking skills. Toddlers frequently have shorter attention spans than babies. Look for text that is short and simple. Read a little bit, several times a day. Read slowly and have occasional pauses to think aloud about a story.

  • Connect the dots.

Connecting the dots is one of the best ways to teach children the alphabet. While connecting each dot for various letters kids learn the shape of each of them. This can make them memorize the alphabet more efficiently. Parents can try this activity using any blank page and a marker. Children can also learn more complex words by doing this activity.

  • Use of pictures

Using pictures for representing letters can be an excellent way to help kids visualize the alphabet with their associated objects or words. First, take a large sheet of paper and ask your child to write down all the letters of the alphabet in order vertically. Now give them 2-3 children’s magazines and ask them to find pictures that they think begin with each of the letters. You can also ask them to cut the picture and paste it next to the letter it starts with.

  • Labelling Your Home

This is a simple literacy activity for preschoolers. For example, the Letter C could be placed on a cup. Label the refrigerator, the door, the bath, the garage – label whatever you can think of. As your child sees these words around your home, they become more familiar.  This is the perfect literacy activity to prepare your child for reading.

  • Action-Word Charades

Try this when your kid has a get-together with their friends. Make a few flashcards with simple actions written on them like dance, sing, jump, run, sleep, stand, sit, walk, talk etc. You can also write simple phrases like turn around, pick up the ball, lift your arms, read the newspaper, etc.

Split them into two teams. Ask one member from the first team to pick up one flash card, read the word and then act it out for her teammates. If they guess the correct word, Team 1 scores a point. Repeat the same with Team 2. The team that makes more correct guesses is the winner.