Our Curriculum

At Chulbul Preschools, we have designed an innovative curriculum that incorporates the best elements of research-based pedagogies precisely to meet every need of your child. The curriculum ignites the spark of curiosity and creativity in our students.



KiDOKA - a Child-First, well-researched curriculum promotes holistic development & invokes enquiry-based learning. KiDOKA focuses on all round development of Mind, Body and Soul by encouraging kids to indulge in activities, creative thinking, and Mindfulness. It develops a curious mind that asks question and make learning an engaging and fun activity for the child, leaving an everlasting positive impact on your child’s development and academic journey

KiDOKA Curriculum emphasize on 360 degree Development

Mind: Curriculum stimulate your child’s cognition through various activities which promote creative thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and being thoughtful of their surroundings.

Body: Toddlers and pre-schoolers are lively and full of energy. Curriculum focuses on physical well-being by channeling the energy into fun physical activities, YOGA and Healthy eating habits. This in turn promotes fitness and physical well-being.

Soul: Curriculum aims to help children raise their emotional awareness while focusing on the present and helps them develop Mindfulness, empathy and self-regulation which improves concentration


Our proprietary program focuses on your child’s self-discovery journey and promotes development of soft skills and life skills, alongwith core fundamental skills (writing, numeracy, motor skills etc). This project-based program focuses on developing future-ready skills, creating a Child-First activity based curriculum to meet the needs of each child.

Chulbul CEO

Leadership & Teamwork
Confidence & Decision Making

The CEO program fosters the aspect of leadership in your child. It promotes taking responsibility, cooperating with others, self-confidence, and leading in the act of decision making. When undertaking different tasks in their lives, they can face them without difficulties and lead others in the process.

Chulbul Engineer

Logical Reasoning
Design Thinking

This program helps the young mind be curious problem solvers and logical thinkers. We involve thought-provoking activities in this program which they have to solve through critical thinking which develops their analytical and problem-solving skill.

Chulbul Chef

Healthy Habits
& Nutrition

Child will learn cold cooking, learn to serve on table with joy, understand good nutrition and its values and develop healthy habits. Nutrition is important in a child’s life so keeping that in mind, this program is designed to encourage healthy eating habits. This is attained through various cooking activites and nutritional sessions.

Chulbul Artist

Creative Expression, Art &
Music Appreciation

Art and music are important as other aspects of our life. Practicing art in different forms helps in the growth of creativity and artistic expression in the child. Chulbul artist program has various art-based activities which help the child to embrace their artistic side and find out their interests in a particular field.

Chulbul Philanthropist

Social & Environment
Humility & Empathy

The practice of being kind and helping others in need is a part of all our cultures and traditions. To also raise the important value of giving back to the planet and being environmentally aware, the philanthropist program makes your child a socially responsible citizen. We teach children about promoting welfare in the society by giving their experience, time, talent, or skills to help others and create a better world.