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Choosing the right pre-school is an important decision every parent has to make to ensure right start.

  • Safety First

  • Holistic

  • Health &

  • Chulbul

  • Chulbul
    Genius Program

  • Safety First
    • Playful, Safe, and Hygienic environment for your child
    • Well-trained female staff with complete background verification
    • Teachers proficient in administering first-aid to young children
    • Child Safe interiors, furnitures and equipments
    • School premises under strict CCTV cameras surveillance
  • Holistic Development
    • Nurturing child’s creative thinking abilities
    • Promoting Physical, Mental and Social well-being
    • Enhancing intellectual abilities by developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Building intra and inter-personal skills for strong self-belief and empathy
    • Triggering curiosity in young minds to improve their learning skills
    • Developing Soft Skills & Life Skills of the child
  • Health & Hygiene
    • 100% Non-Toxic and Child's Safe Toys
    • Well Maintained and Hygienic Premises, Regular disinfection & fumigation
    • Clean and well Sanitized Washrooms
    • Focus on Physical Fitness through Mini-Gym
    • Promotes Nutritional eating Habits among the kids
  • Chulbul Advantage
    • KidoKa - Child-First activity based curriculum for Holistic development of your child
    • 1:10 Teacher Student Ratio provided tailored experience
    • Fitness & creativity programs to develop Mind, Body, and Soul
    • Chulbul Genius Program to uncover hidden talent of your child
  • Chulbul Genius Program
    • Unique Roleplay based self-discovery program for a holistic growth
    • Chulbul CEO: Improves Leadership & teamwork skills when working in groups
    • Chulbul Engineer: Heightened logical reasoning & cognitive understanding
    • Chulbul Chef: Gains healthy eating habits and raises the importance of nutrition in their life
    • Chulbul Artist: Refines their creative expression as well as art & music appreciation
    • Chulbul Philanthropist: Gives them Social & Environmental awareness, to be a responsible citizen of tomorrow
Kindergarten Franchise

Our Curriculum



Chulbul has designed an innovative curriculum that incorporates the best elements of research-based pedagogies precisely to meet every need of your child. The curriculum ignites the spark of curiosity and creativity in our students. KiDOKA - a Child-First, well-researched curriculum promotes holistic development & invokes enquiry-based learning. KiDOKA focuses on all round development of Mind, Body, and Soul by encouraging kids to indulge in activities, creative thinking, and Mindfulness. It develops a curious mind that asks question and make learning an engaging and fun activity for the child, leaving an everlasting positive impact on your child’s development and academic journey.

Nursery School Franchise


Our proprietary program focuses on your child’s self-discovery journey and promotes development of soft skills and life skills, alongwith core fundamental skills (writing, numeracy, motor skills etc). This project-based program focuses on developing future-ready skills, creating a Child-First activity based curriculum to meet the needs of each child

Our Programmes

Age-appropriate Programs have been designed for holistic development of your child. All these programs take child through the journey of self-discovery, which helps them explore and learn. Programs emphasize on Physical, Emotional & social development of the child

Corporate Daycare

Helping organizations build

Gender Diverse & Family Friendly WorkPlace

As an expert in childcare, preschool, and daycare, we now bring an exclusive daycare facility to the workplace to help employees focus better on work. Our well-trained caregivers provide the warmth of a second home that is comforting to the child and make sure that employees focus on their work as we cater to their child’s every need.





Our workplace daycare helps parents take care of their children without affecting their work-life balance, empowering them to take care of their own children themselves.

Partner With Us

Start Your Own CHULBUL Pre-school

Chulbul is the fastest-growing preschool in India. We started operating in 2022 with an innovative learning curriculum for children. We offer a profitable option of starting a kindergarten school franchise. This opportunity holds good for a young adventurist as well as an older person who is willing to start a preschool. Interested individuals require a minimum of 2000 sqft. area and investment of Rs.12 lakh to open a playschool.

  • - Researched Curriculum
  • - Teacher Training and Assignment
  • - Learning Kits
  • - Furniture & Equipment
  • - Marketing & Operation Support
  • - IT Tools
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