Preschool in a Box

Dreamt of owning a preschool? Make it a reality with Chulbul's "Preschool in a Box" Model. For just ₹85,000/-, you get everything you need to start your very own preschool. This model is specifically designed for entrepreneurs/Home-makers to start a preschool at a very low investment and provide quality education to preschoolers.

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All You Need To Get Started

preschool franchise investment
Investment of
Rs. 85,000*


preschool franchisee property required
Sq Ft

of build-up area with 4 rooms in a residential colony

franchise requirement
for kids

and passion for growth

franchise partner qualification

with a long term vision for the venture

Why Partner With Chulbul?

proven business model
Access to proven
Business Model
high return franchise model
Ultra-High Return
on Investment
franchise friendly pricing
Franchise Friendly
Pricing Model
chulbul franchise support
support to Franchisee
zero risk franchise
ZERO RISK Partnership Model*
*No Royalty till break-even
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What is included in the Box?

preschool furniture
Furniture & Toys

We will provide you Chairs (30 Nos), Tables (5 Nos), Children Mats, Sliders, Ride-Ons, Rockers etc. and many other toys for Kids

preschool franchise cost
Teaching Aids

We will provide you Teaching Kits with all materials required for teachers including Flash Cards (700 Nos), Teaching Toys etc. as a part of our curriculum

preschool curriculum
Latest Child-First Curriculum

All our study material is designed with the latest research in pedagogy to ensure you provide the best education to your students.

preschool teacher training
Teacher Training

We train your teachers in our methodology and handhold them to perfection, making sure they have the right skill set to teach your students the Chulbul way.

preschool marketing support
Marketing & Branding Support

We will provide you Branding Material, Brand LED Board, Leaflets, Admission Brochures etc. to help you market your school in the neighbourhood.You will also get access to design support to reach as many students as possible.

preschool franchise operating model

We provide you with set guidelines of principles and guidelines to adhere to in operating a Chulbul franchise to ensure the quality of education and values we impart are not compromised.

preschool franchise portal
School ERP & Mobile App

We will provide you access to ERP system through which you can manage your Preschool. We will also give you access to IOS And Android Mobile App for Parents & Teachers.

preschool audit
Quality Audits

We perform frequent audits of all our franchises in order to ensure that the quality of education being provided matches the Chulbul standards.

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Chulbul offers

Best preschool Franchise in India

with ultra high return and access to proven business model at zero risk. We provide guidance and support to our partners on every aspect of setting up a preschool centre and running it successfully. With our experience, We have set the processes and drafted SOPs, Checklists and Manuals which helps our partners manage day to day operations of a

Chulbul preschool

. We provide all learning material, stationary, weekly planners for effortlessly running the classes. We also extend support in Marketing, Teacher selection & training, furniture/toys procurement, ambience designing etc. Our IT Tools (ERP, Parent Mobile App) for seamless parent communication and management of the centre.

Our proprietary curriculum - KiDOKA is available exclusively for our franchisee centres. It is next generation

Preschool curriculum

which revolves around Child and ensure all round development of young minds. We have designed child-friendly books, stationary, flash cards to make learning fun for kids.

Fill Franchisee assessment questionnaire Click Here, our business development team will evaluate and get back to you for onboarding into most rewarding

Educational Franchise Model

It is good to have own property to

start a preschool

, but it is not mandatory requirement. You may start a preschool franchise on a rented property, ensure you have long term agreement for rented property to avoid any disruption in preschool operation during academic year.

We insist that

Preschool Franchisee

owner get involved in day to day operations of preschool, hence you should have good communication and management skills to interact with parents and manage the school. If you want to teach the kids, you should have completed Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) diploma or certification. No special license is required to start a preschool, still you may check with local authorities since rules may vary from state to state. Please ensure you always follow all local rules and procedures. We welcome you to be part of

most rewarding preschool franchise chain in india

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